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Distance learning is not a new phenomenon, but the advent of the internet has taken it to the next level. Improved network speeds and communication technology make it easier than ever for content to be shared worldwide, meaning that, as long as you have a tablet and an internet connection, you can learn just about anything, anywhere. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. According to statistics, e-learning has grown by an astonishing 900% in the last 16 years, with 67% of users accessing courses via their mobile device.

CompliMed have been providing e-learning for the past 5 years, via our Code e-learning platform. Our course material is relevant, engaging and accessible 24-7, making it easier than ever to take the next step in your career, and we update our courses regularly to reflect the latest insights and cases, ensuring your knowledge is up to date. We offer training for Aspiring Final Signatories, Sales Representatives, MSL’s, Agencies and Originators and Reviewers, as well as linked workshops throughout the year. Our courses are consistently rated highly by users, both for the quality of the training material and the ease of access.

‘Following my successful completion of my final medical signatory assessment I just wanted to thank you for the training that you gave me. Your approach allowed me to successfully apply theoretical knowledge to real life situations. I would not hesitate to recommend your training program to others.’

E-learning is not the only digital learning opportunity we offer. Our PMCPA case summaries include our exclusive key learning points, based upon our Code expertise and experience. Each point offers a valuable insight into the lessons of each case, and how they can be applied in future.

Of course, we’re not the only company out there offering e-learning – there are plenty of companies providing e-learning opportunities across all industries. However, the key to success is to learn with companies who are experts in their field. Currently, seven of the top ten most reputable pharma companies choose to work with us.* So, if you’d like to take a confident next step in your career, contact CompliMed.


CompliMed are Code experts and the UK’s leading Healthcare Compliance Consultancy. Our services include ABPI Code training, e-learning, interim management, audits, SOPs, technical review and final signatory support. For updates and information, follow us on Twitter @complimed, or find us on LinkedIn.

CompliMed. Compliance Made Clear.

Our case summaries are available via subscription and produced on a monthly basis. E-learning course details can be found online at www.complimedltd.co.uk – for more information, or to enrol, contact helen@complimedltd.co.uk

*list of most reputable companies according to the Reputation Institute